LHi Group

The Client:

LHi Group is a global powerhouse in the world of recruitment which has combined award-winning brands such as Lawrence Harvey, SciPro, Harper Harrison and Piper Maddox to form one of the most successful and well-known recruitment leaders there is. 


LHi Group had been with itris recruitment software since 2008 and wanted a more modern, intuitive user interface. After reviewing many recruitment software suppliers, they soon realised that itris 9 not only offered the most modern UI but also had innovative features that their competitors could not provide.

They decided to upgrade to itris 9 and undertake a full data migration and training programme to aid user adoption with little to no down time.

“We implemented itris 9 recruitment software in 2020 to further support our consultant processes and improve our customer management. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also user friendly and intuitive as it reflects the recruitment lifecycle in a more continuous way.”

Jim Denning | CEO

Client Requirements:

  • 180+ users with various permissions and access
  • Ability to manage multiple workflows at once
  • Integrations with DaXtra and Broadbean
  • Two-way Microsoft Outlook integration
  • The ability to host their own data
  • Hybrid cloud access for those on the move
  • Ability to bulk email and text
  • Custom fields
  • Detailed searching functionality including radial distance searching
  • Ability to mass market CV’s from one screen
  • To improve communication and visibility across their many global offices
  • itris 8 to itris 9 data migration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • User dashboards

The Project:

Our highly skilled implementation team developed a unique plan based on LHi’s requirements which included a full data map and feature analysis across multiple teams.

All users were supplied with state of the art training materials and personal consultation throughout the project. Floor walking was was rolled out and focus groups conducted at various sites to help increase user adoption.

After several months of data migration work and hands on training, LHi Group went live with itris 9 recruitment software across multiple, global offices with zero downtime.

The Result:

“Additions such as the Kanban board for job activity, has made it easier for consultants to track job flow and the new CV Marketing Hub makes the process of CV marketing much more simplified, saving time and energy for consultants. The new and improved dashboard is a great way of focusing consultants to look at the most pressing activities (that will generate revenue in the near future) and of course, being cloud based has been a real asset to us in the increasingly remote world.

The level of support and  partnership we have received is second to none and we continue to receive regular updates to the system which carries even more innovative features than we signed up for. All our consultants can submit their own suggestions and feedback through the system which we have seen implemented in a very short space of time ”

Jim Denning | CEO