What is the Service Desk?

Our Service Desk is made up of technical analysts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to recruiting and staffing software, CRM, ATS and Recruitment technology . They provide excellent customer service, knowledge and support and are dedicated to resolving all technical issues and how-to queries related to our recruitment software products as quickly as possible 

This service is covered in your monthly recruitment software subscription as standard, however, does not cover any issues or queries relating to third-party products such as software (e.g. Microsoft Office products) or hardware. These types of issues should be raised directly with your internal or external IT support contact(s)We are happy to liaise with your IT support contact(s) should there be a mutual issue or query 

Who should contact the Service Desk?

You should ideally nominate a dedicated recruitment CRM representative from your company to take responsibility for reporting, managing and monitoring all issues and queries reported to the Service Desk. Many of our customers adopt this approach as best practice as it is a much more efficient use of time and mitigates any miscommunication between companies.  

We appreciate that this is not always possible due to holiday and sickness and in these circumstances, we would ask you to appoint a replacement representative. 

How can they contact the Service Desk?

Our Service Desk can be contacted via email (help@itris.co.uk) or phone (01892 825 820 Option 2) from Monday to Thursday 08:30 – 17:30 and Friday 08:30 – 17:00 (excluding Bank Holidays).

What information will they need to provide?

When reporting an issue or query to the Service Deskit’s important that your representative provides as much detail as possible including: 

  • A clear and detailed explanation of any issue or query
  • The steps that were taken that resulted in an issue
  • Whether or not the issue can be replicated
  • How long the issue has been occurring for 
  • Details of who the issue is affecting
  • A screen grab of any error messages  

What happens to an issue or query once it is reported?

Most issues or queries are resolved on the initial phone call with a Service Desk Analyst. However, ithe issue or query is not straightforward then it will be logged and investigated further by a member of the Service Desk. 

If, after investigation, the issue or query cannot be resolved, it will then be categorised as either an improvement or a bug.  

Improvements are identified by comparing the issue or query to our products design and behaviour. If the product is not designed to cater for the query or issue and is behaving as expected, the issue or query is then logged as an improvement. These improvements or suggestions are sent to our research and development team who will then decide whether or not the get catered for in a future release of the product.   

Bugs are also identified by comparing the issue or query to our products design and behaviour. If the product is not behaving as per its design, then this is raised as a bug and escalated to the Product Delivery team. This will be further investigated and assigned to a dedicated Software Engineer to fix the issue.  

This will then be passed to the original Service Desk Analyst who will apply the fix in one of the following methods. 

  1. Directly to your database with no disturbance. 
  2. Built into an interim release, for you to download when ready (short term). 
  3. Built into the next full release, as per development release schedules (medium term). 

How are my issues or queries prioritised?

Issues or queries relating to your recruitment software will be assigned one of the following priorities by the Service Desk Analyst. 

Critical: Total loss of service or part of the product 

HighImpacting all users’ day to day use of the product with no workaround  

MediumImpacting a user(s) day to day use of the product with a workaround  

Low: Cosmetic fault not affecting users 

When can I expect a response?

We aim to answer all incoming calls straightaway, however, this may not be possible during peak times. A voicemail is available for the Service Desk which we encourage all representatives to utilise this during these times. 

All voicemails and emails are put into a queue and treated on a first come, first served basis. We aim to respond to all issues and queries within four hours however this may be affected by staff absence or sickness. 

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