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Recruitment software generally offers two types of solutions, on-premise (server based) or cloud. Server based products tend to provide a far more feature rich and responsive experience as the application is often installed directly on to the desktop, whereas cloud provides the flexibility to connect from anywhere in the world, but with typically lighter functionality in a more restrictive browser environment.

Flexibility and efficiency are key when recruiting and to the modern recruiter, as a result, there has been an increase in cloud offerings in the market. Taking this into account, we have developed a unique and revolutionary experience that will transform the way recruiters interact with their database.

itris 9 offers a unique hybrid of desktop and cloud solutions, combining a rich desktop experience with seamless connectivity from anywhere in the world. This can be delivered as an on-premise or hosted solution which can be accessed on the move without the need for thin or fat clients, such as a VPN or RDP.

Prices are based on a per user model and paid on a monthly subscription. Please see below what is included in each of our packages and get in touch with our Sales team for pricing or to find out why itris is the best recruitment CRM software for your agency.

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