Timesheets & Expenses

itris 9 recruitment software offers a comprehensive solution for managing timesheets and expenses, providing an easy and accurate way to manage worker pay and charge rates against specific placements. With this feature, recruiters can input timesheet and expense data against the appropriate placements, which allows for more accurate financial forecasting and real-time updates of recruitment figures and reports.

Using the rates and times specified on the placement record, itris 9 can automatically calculate the correct pay based on the data input, eliminating the need for manual calculations by consultants or administrative staff. With itris 9’s unique auto rate calculator, hours can be punched in easily and accurately, and itris 9 can take care of the rest.

In addition to the auto rate calculator, itris 9 offers a unit entry option that allows the user to enter total hours on a daily or weekly basis. The Timesheet Hub provides a centralized area where all workers for whom a timesheet is expected can be listed, and multiple timesheets from various sources can be inputted all in one screen. The Timesheet Hub can be filtered by period, status, and/or consultant, making it easy to view and navigate.

The Timesheet & Expenses report is a powerful financial report that lists all timesheet and expenses data in a uniform way. This report can be filtered and ordered by date range, status, company, placement, and even worker type, and can be exported for use by outsourced payroll companies or imported into a Backoffice payroll and invoicing system, all at the click of a button.

With the Timesheet & Expenses feature of itris 9, recruiters can easily manage timesheets and expenses for their temporary or contract workers, providing a more accurate and efficient way to manage their recruitment finances. This feature is a must-have for recruiters looking to streamline their recruitment process and improve their financial forecasting.

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