itris 9 Recruitment CRM gives recruiters the ability to manage and send their recruiting terms of business easily from within the software application. From fixed, sliding scale, or even flat fee’s, itris makes it easy to add and edit terms globally or per customer at speed.

Terms of business are commonplace in any business relationship, and the recruitment industry is no exception. Generally, every time business is conducted between two parties, terms of business will be agreed to, and in most cases, this will be the supplier’s standard terms and conditions. However, in some cases, the terms may be agreed on a per-customer basis as part of the negotiations to bring them on-board or to join their preferred supplier list (PSL).

itris 9 recruitment and staffing software will allow those users with permissions to manage all stages of agreeing terms with your client from the Terms area of any company record. Defaults for their Fees and Rebates can be set in the settings area and they can also create a list of Term Status’ with colour coding for full customisation (i.e. terms pending = Orange, terms agreed = Green etc.).

Recruitment agencies or businesses can add copies of their standard terms that can then be attached to email templates, making it easy to send these to new or existing clients.

Company terms are searchable, so from a business development perspective, consultants could choose to search for all companies or contacts that have no terms within a specific industry or geographical area to target them for business. From a placement search, they are also able to choose to include or exclude any placements within their rebate period. Additionally, when looking for applicants and running a search you may choose to exclude all applicants within their rebate period from search results to protect the associated fees. Why not check out our rebates page to find out more!

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