2-Way SMS

itris 9 recruitment software is designed to help streamline communication between recruiters and candidates. With the SMS plugin, which is in partnership with FireText, recruiters can easily send and receive text messages with their candidates and contacts on the move, which can help to improve communication and efficiency.

Studies have shown that SMS is more effective than email, with an open rate of 98%. SMS is a great way to connect with your database, both in bulk or individually. You can use SMS to quickly send notifications and reminders to applicants about upcoming interviews, job offers, or other important information. It can also be used to send marketing messages to both applicants and contacts, which can help to drive business growth.

The SMS plugin interface in itris 9 is similar to the SMS apps on mobile phones. You can view all incoming and outgoing SMS in one area, making it easy to keep track of all communications. On the right side of the SMS window, you can see the recipient’s Record Card, which provides you with a quick overview of their information, including their job title and contact details. By clicking on the recipient’s name, you can also access more detailed information as needed.

The SMS plugin in itris 9 recruitment software allows recruiters to keep in touch with their candidates and contacts in real-time. By using SMS, recruiters can quickly and efficiently communicate with their database, which can help to streamline the recruitment process and improve the overall candidate experience. The software is intuitive and easy to use, providing a list of conversations and their history, allowing you to easily keep track of all communications.

By using the SMS plugin in itris 9 recruitment software, recruiters can improve communication and efficiency, making the recruiting process more streamlined and effective. So why not give it a try today and see how it can benefit your recruitment agency. With the SMS plugin, recruiters can save time, keep track of their communications, and provide a better experience for their candidates and contacts.

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