2-Way SMS

Send and receive SMS text messages with your applicants and contacts using itris 9 recruitment software. Proven to be more than 80% more effective when communicating, SMS is a great way to contact people directly and more efficiently from your recruitment CRM. Either individually or in bulk, connect with your database today using itris 9 SMS, in partnership with FireText.

Effective communication with applicants and contacts is key and using the SMS plugin can be invaluable to this. These days people are more likely to interact via SMS over an email, you can send quick notifications/reminders to applicants in relation to interviews coming up, job offers, and even send out bulk marketing SMS to both applicants and contacts. The SMS plugin interface is similar to how SMS apps look on mobile phones. You have access to a list of conversations and their history which enables you to view all your incoming and outgoing SMS in one area. As using your phone is common in day to day life, the display should seem familiar to recruiters. On the right of the SMS window, you will see the recipient’s Record Card which provides you with a snippet of information including Job Title and Contact Details. Clicking the recipient’s name will also navigate you to their record.

Effective communication, bought to you by itris 9 recruitment software!

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