The success of a recruiter depends on the quality of their search capabilities. itris 9 recruitment CRM is a comprehensive tool that enables recruiters to easily search for Applicants, Companies, Contacts, Jobs and Placements, all from one screen. The software offers a variety of search fields and parameters, allowing recruiters to conduct detailed, complex and quick searches with ease.

The jump lists and search conversions in itris 9 are state of the art, allowing recruiters to convert one type of search to another and focus their search from either individual or multiple records. This enables recruiters to streamline their search process and efficiently find the information they need.

Another unique feature of itris 9 is the ability to have multiple searches open in the active search area of the same or different record type, and even save them for a specific job or to return to later. This ensures that recruiters can stay organized and efficient, by re-running saved searches and sorting by newly created for the very latest results.

In addition, itris 9 recruitment software has a custom flagging system that enables recruiters to set alerts for themselves or other users, indicating their progress. This feature can help recruiters stay on top of their workflow and ensure that they don’t miss any important information.

itris 9 also offers a wide range of search fields, including skills, custom fields, previous employment history, availability, location, marketing preferences, consent, and restrictions. Whether recruiters need to conduct a detailed Boolean string, specify keywords, custom field, date range, postcode radius, reverse, or null values, itris 9 has got it all.

In conclusion, the search capabilities in itris 9 recruitment CRM are second to none. With a comprehensive range of search fields, jump lists and search conversions, recruiters can easily find the information they need, and stay organized and efficient throughout the recruiting process. The custom flagging system is a valuable feature that ensures recruiters don’t miss any important details, and the ability to have multiple searches open and saved for later ensures that recruiters can easily access the latest results.

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