Scheduled Calls

Effective time management is essential for recruiters, and itris 9 recruitment CRM provides a powerful solution to managing scheduled calls. With the Scheduled Calls manager, recruiters can filter calls by type, status, and priority, allowing them to focus on the most pressing tasks at hand. They can also edit attendees, link records, and add comments directly from one easy-to-use screen, streamlining the entire process and saving valuable time.

As any recruiter knows, much of their job involves being on the phone. The Scheduled Calls manager allows recruiters to efficiently organize their time by providing a single list of all the calls they are due to make. From specific timed calls to any-time calls across multiple records with multiple attendees, itris 9 recruitment software provides a comprehensive solution that simplifies the entire process.

With itris 9 recruitment CRM, recruiters can easily access the attendees’ data and record, as well as add and edit new comments and appointments without leaving the page. The system also offers a range of filters, including date, past, present, future, priority, and even attendee type and attendance status, allowing recruiters to easily find and manage the calls that require their attention.

itris 9 recruitment CRM’s Scheduled Calls manager is ideal for recruiters who want to manage their time more effectively and increase their productivity. Whether it’s cold calling, applicant check-ins, or catch-ups, the system’s click-to-dial technology and powerful features can help recruiters stay on top of their schedule and focus on the tasks that matter most.

In conclusion, itris 9 recruitment CRM provides a highly efficient way for recruiters to manage their scheduled calls. By streamlining the process, offering powerful filters and search options, and providing all the tools needed to manage attendees and appointments, recruiters can save time and focus on building valuable relationships with candidates and clients.

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