Record Groups

Create and share applicant, company, contact, job and placement record groups with your colleagues in the itris 9 recruitment CRM. Organise your records and share groups with members of your team, keep them for yourself or share them globally across your company, easily and efficiently. Grouping records allows you to view and action records on mass saving time searching and sending mass communications such as emails, text messages or both at the click of a button.

Record groups are a collection of records and can be used in many different contexts.

Applicant groups, for example, might be used to group applicants that have particular skills or qualifications or perhaps those that you deem to be the best. Similarly, contact groups might be used for contacts that generally provide jobs for the same type of applicants, or they might be used as collections of contacts in the same sector, relative location, etc. Groups can be created for any record type and can be accessed from a central area via the Navigation Bar. You will also be able to see the groups a record belongs to which you have access to, add a record to an existing group or create a new group and add the record to it via the Groups tab within the Information area on the record itself.

From your favourite records, to shared, personal or even global groups, itris 9 recruitment software has it all!

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