itris 9 recruitment software allows you to add custom rebate stages on client terms and conditions or individual jobs. You can keep track and manage vulnerable revenue across all of your placements in the customisable dashboards and contact the placed applicants at the click of a button. Should a placement not work out, itris 9 recruitment software has you covered. Simply process the rebate from the placement record without the need of a calculator and by monetary or percentage value, updating reports and your accounting team in real time!

Placements don’t always work out, and sometimes, no matter how perfect you feel the applicant might have been for a role they may leave soon after starting. Depending on when this happens, for fixed fee placements, you may have to refund the client some of the fee. In other words, whilst a placement is within a rebate period the fee associated with it is vulnerable. In itris, you can add rebates to any fixed fee placements. A fixed fee placement is any permanent placement or contract and temporary placements that have a one-off charge. When agreeing terms with a client you can add rebate stages to their itris record, and when creating a placement, these will be pulled through to the placement record.

If relevant, the rebate stages can be added or edited at the point of creating the placement or once it’s been created. Once the placement is created itris will track the progress through the rebate stages. Additional functionality in itris 9 means that when you are progressing an applicant through the submissions process or Marketing their CV, if they are within a rebate period in a placement, you will receive a warning to this effect. Also, you can choose to search for applicants and placements within the rebate period. Please see the relevant related articles for more information.

Rebates are a pain for a recruiter, but less annoying to process with itris 9 recruitment software.

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