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Often, recruitment consultants will be required to search high and wide for the right candidate for their role. Many searches conducted in their recruiting CRM may require them to include location criteria to narrow down their search results. This might be to find relevant applicants close to a job, or even those that are willing to travel to work at at a specified job location. Alternatively the recruiter may wish to search for clients to market an applicant or CV to who are within the same vicinity. In itris 9 recruitment software, recruiters are not only able to search a number of different location criteria, but also plot the search results on a Google Map visually!

This can assist the recruiter or staffing professional when visualising their applicants journey to the required location or site and discuss the location with them in detail. This technology is also useful when conducting various business development tasks such as cold calling, reporting, or marketing. By using the best recruitment and staffing software to visualise companies, contacts, jobs and placements, direct from the CRM, recruiters can utilise the Google Maps view to make informed decisions in their daily processes and have better conversations with key stake holders internally and externally to their recruitment business.

The Geolocations feature enables recruiters to run accurate postal code radius searching, allowing them to search for records within x miles of a certain global postal code. Users can set their unit preference (either Miles or Kilometres) in their user preferences and searching is available against all record types within the recruitment CRM. Furthermore, the map view can also be utilised directly from any of the CRM records, this is perfect for visualising client locations on mass with one simple click. With global post code lookup, google maps and the best user interface built into the system as standard, Geography has never been so easy!

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