Terms and Placement Notifications

Introducing the revolutionary “Terms and Placement Email Notification” feature in itris 9 recruitment software!

This cutting-edge feature is a game-changer for recruitment businesses, streamlining back-office communication and providing unprecedented visibility of sales details for line managers or business leaders.

Gone are the days of manual and time-consuming processes. With the Terms and Placement Email Notification, all the vital information from a Placement or Terms Agreed with a client in your itris 9 CRM is automatically collated and promptly emailed to designated email accounts. This means no more sifting through multiple systems or dealing with paper-based documents, saving valuable time and effort from your sales staff, middle, or back office teams.

The benefits of this feature are manifold. Firstly, it significantly boosts efficiency and productivity within your recruitment business. By automating the communication process, recruiters can focus on what matters most – building strong candidate-client relationships and identifying the best talent for their clients. With time saved on administrative tasks, recruiters can divert their attention to more strategic and revenue-generating activities.

Secondly, the Terms and Placement Email Notification feature enhances communication and collaboration across departments. With all the essential details automatically shared with designated inboxes, they gain real-time visibility into the progress of placements and client agreements, without the need to be logged in. This not only fosters a sense of transparency but also empowers managers to make informed decisions and provide timely feedback to their teams on the move.

Moreover, this feature reduces the risk of miscommunication and human error, as all information is directly transferred from the CRM to designated emails without manual intervention. Confidentiality is upheld, and data integrity is maintained throughout the process, ensuring a seamless and reliable workflow.

The Terms and Placement Email Notification feature plays a pivotal role in enhancing client satisfaction. With prompt and accurate communication, clients are kept in the loop regarding the status of placements and terms agreed upon. This level of professionalism and responsiveness strengthens the client-recruiter relationship and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

This unique feature in itris 9 recruitment software is a game-changing tool for recruitment businesses. By automating back-office communication, improving collaboration, reducing errors, and enhancing client satisfaction, this feature empowers recruiters to take their efficiency and productivity to new heights. Embrace this innovative technology and witness the positive impact it brings to your recruitment business!

Send terms and placment updates with notification in itris 9, cloud recruitment CRM.

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