Executive Search

Revolutionise your path to success with itris 9 recruitment CRM’s cutting-edge Executive Search features.

Effortlessly manage your charge schedule directly from the job assignment interface, incorporating fully customisable retained fees with a simple click. Gain real-time financial insights, empowering your business with dynamic statistical analysis, and allowing you to be a better headhunter.

Tailor your kanban board to match each project’s requirements precisely. Manage applications, curate longlists and shortlists, facilitate CV submissions, schedule interviews, negotiate offers, and finalise placements with full control. Activate essential elements such as applicant images, and streamline candidate progression through your workflow effortlessly.

The itris 9 recruitment CRM offers a comprehensive status report detailing insights into each candidate, job, and client’s progress. Our innovative Submission Status Report feature provides invaluable insights for transparent and informed decision-making for both your consultants and your clients.

Embark on a journey where headhunting, retained searches, and executive recruitment are streamlined with itris 9 cloud recruitment CRM software.

Elevate your recruitment processes with itris 9’s Executive Search functionality, redefining how you discover and engage top-tier talent. Seamlessly manage your charge schedule, adjusting retained fees with a click while gaining real-time financial insights.

Tailor your kanban board to optimize workflows for each project’s demands. From application management to final placements, wield complete control over every stage of the recruitment journey.

Unlock unparalleled insights with comprehensive status reports, shaping strategies for success. Join forward-thinking recruiters revolutionising the industry with itris 9. Experience the future of recruitment management today.

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