CV Marketing Hub

The CV Marketing Hub is a powerful tool for recruiters that sets itris 9 recruitment software apart from other recruitment CRMs. It provides a centralized location for recruiters to streamline their applicant marketing efforts, save time, and deliver quality results. With the CV Marketing Hub, recruiters can send individual or multiple CVs to contacts via email from one easy-to-use screen, which not only saves time but also helps recruiters deliver consistent quality communications. The CV Marketing Hub alerts recruiters to invalid emails and provides advanced warnings, ensuring that the quality of communication is maintained from the CRM to the clients’ inbox.

One of the benefits of using the CV Marketing Hub is that it allows recruiters to create and use personalized, professional-looking email templates for each recipient. These templates are customizable, allowing recruiters to tailor them to specific candidates, companies, or industries. Personalization of the templates creates a lasting impression on the recipient and sets a recruiter apart from the competition.

The CV Marketing Hub is also an effective business development tool that enables recruiters to market exceptional candidates to contacts in their desired organizations. The aim is that either the candidate will be placed speculatively or any vacancies within the organization will be picked up. The CV Marketing Hub is also useful in making existing clients aware of exceptional candidates who may not currently have a job match, with the hope of making an easy placement in the future.

The CV Marketing Hub is a dedicated area within itris 9 that automates the process of sending CVs to contacts while taking into account marketing preferences, email consent, restrictions, and much more. The feature enables recruiters to track and monitor their marketing events and speculative CVs with ease.

In conclusion, the CV Marketing Hub is an efficient, quality-driven, and effective CRM recruiting tool for streamlining a recruiter’s marketing efforts and making more placements happen with ease. The personalized, professional-looking email templates, advanced warnings and invalid email alerts, and the ability to send individual or multiple CVs from one easy-to-use screen are some of the features that make it a must-have for any recruiter looking to streamline their marketing efforts and increase placements.

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