CV Marketing Hub

itris 9 allows your users to select individual or multiple CVs to send to contacts via email, from one easy to use screen. The CV Marketing Hub gives recruiters access to advanced warnings and invalid emails to ensure quality is carried from your CRM to your clients Inbox. State of the art email templates complement this, giving each recipient that personal look and feel.

The CV marketing hub is a great business development tool. It provides the facility to market applicants to contacts that work for organisations you are keen to work with, on mass, with the best-case scenario aim of placing the applicant you have speculatively sent or at the very least picking up any vacancies the organisation has. Additionally, the CV marketing hub is useful as a means of making existing clients aware of exceptional applicants who you feel they would jump at the chance to employ, even though there might not currently be a live job to match, in the hope of making an easy placement with them.

The CV Marketing Hub is a dedicated area within itris 9 that allows you to send one or multiple applicant CVs to one or multiple contacts in situations where a job does not exist. It takes into account CV Marketing and email preferences, consent, restrictions and much more to make it a fully automated, administrative less process. Track and monitor your marketing events and speculative CV’s today with itris 9 recruitment software!

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