In today’s regulatory environment, ensuring compliance with various legislative requirements is a critical aspect for the staffing and recruiting industry. Recruitment businesses that operate within regulated industries or place staff in positions requiring certain clearances, certifications or permits must ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, policies and regulations.

The itris 9 recruitment CRM is designed to make compliance management simple, effective, hassle-free, and ensures you remain compliant within your chosen sector. The software provides a comprehensive range of tools and features to help recruiters manage, monitor and report on compliance documentation from within the system. The user-friendly interface of itris 9 allows recruitment consultants to quickly access and manage compliance documentation for individual applicants, candidates or employees, saving time and streamlining the process.

With itris 9, users can add and track various types of compliance documentation such as proof of ID, visa status, qualifications, certifications, and more. The software’s compliance management functionality allows recruiters to easily monitor the compliance status of their applicants and candidates, including checking right-to-work documentation, references and certificates. It also helps ensure that your clients are satisfied with the compliance status of the candidates they are provided with, thereby ensuring a long-term, trusted relationship between the recruiter and the client.

The flexibility and customizability of itris 9’s compliance functionality is another key benefit of the system. It enables recruiters to set specific compliance criteria for individual jobs and define the exact documentation required for each role. The software’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface allows recruiters to quickly find and access the necessary documentation and stay up-to-date with any changes in the status of applicants or candidates.

In summary, the itris 9 recruitment CRM provides recruiters with powerful compliance management tools to ensure their candidates and employees meet the legislative and client-specific requirements. The compliance functionality is highly customisable and flexible and provides a comprehensive range of tools and features to manage, monitor, and report on compliance documentation. With itris 9, recruiters can be confident that they are compliant and that their recruitment processes are operating smoothly and efficiently.

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