The itris 9 recruitment CRM’s calendar feature is an essential tool for managing appointments and time for recruiters. The feature is designed to free up recruiters’ time and allow them to manage their diary and appointments efficiently.

With the itris 9 Calendar, consultants can add, remove, and filter their meetings, interviews, calls, or appointments from one easy-to-use screen within the recruitment CRM. The feature allows recruiters to view all the necessary details of their appointments, including attendee status, notes, reminders, and links to single or multiple records with either a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

The calendar feature in itris 9 also provides a visual representation of not just the recruiters diary, but teams. With its unique permission based functionality, managers can view their teams diary and filter accordingly.

Moreover, the itris 9 Calendar can be customized to suit the needs of each recruiter. Consultants can personalize their calendar view and apply a number of filters including days, times, appointment types, and more. The calendar feature also allows recruiters to set reminders for important events, ensuring they never miss an appointment or deadline.

The itris 9 Calendar feature is essential for recruiters who need to manage their appointments efficiently and stay on top of their schedule. The calendar provides a centralized view of all appointments, making it easy to stay organized and manage time effectively. With its customizable options and user-friendly interface, the itris 9 Calendar is an invaluable tool for recruiters looking to streamline their recruitment process and improve their productivity.

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