Broadbean Job Posting

The integration of the Broadbean Job Posting feature with the itris 9 recruitment CRM provides a variety of benefits for recruitment businesses. Posting job vacancies on multiple job boards can be a time-consuming process that involves duplication of data entry across different platforms. However, the integration of Broadbean with itris 9 streamlines this process, providing a more efficient and effective workflow for recruiters.

The powerful itris 9 recruitment software allows recruiters to select from a range of job descriptions and post them to multiple job boards with just one click, directly from the CRM application. Additionally, the posted jobs are linked to the relevant software record, making it easy for recruitment consultants to manage them from the same platform.

Broadbean is a trusted and globally recognised brand in the recruitment and staffing industry, having served the industry for over two decades. It processes millions of job adverts and applications per month across thousands of channels in numerous countries, making it a reliable partner for recruiters and hiring managers worldwide. The goal of Broadbean is to optimise recruiting strategies, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and maximise impact for their users.

The Broadbean job posting feature is included as standard in the itris 9 CRM software, at no additional cost, and can be utilised by recruiters with a valid Broadbean account. This integration provides a significant advantage to recruiters, helping them reach a wider audience of potential candidates and increasing the efficiency of their recruitment processes.

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