Broadbean Job Posting

The Broadbean Job Posting integration gives recruitment businesses the power to post their jobs to multiple job boards directly from their recruiting CRM. Once posted, these jobs are linked to the relevant software record and recruitment consultants can manage them directly from the itris 9 software.

Select from a variety of job descriptions, post at the click of a button and manage the job all within the powerful itris 9 recruitment software application. This creates a smoother, more joined up workflow and removes the duplication of process and data entry that can occur with other CRM’s when posting a job or vacancy.

Broadbean is a globally recognised brand and has been supplying the recruitment industry for more than 20 years. It processes over 5 million job adverts, 15 million applications per month across 5 thousand channels in 186 countries. With more than 230,000 users worldwide, their goal is to work with recruiters and hiring managers to optimise their recruiting strategy, cut costs, improve efficiency and drive maximum impact.

Like most itris 9 CRM features, the Broadbean job posting functionality comes as standard, at no additional cost, and can be utilised by recruiters with a valid Broadbean account.

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