Applicant Radar

Recruitment consultants and resourcers face the challenge of sourcing and selecting the right candidates for job roles quickly and efficiently. This is where the Applicant Radar feature in itris 9 recruitment software comes in to provide a solution.

Applicant Radar allows recruitment businesses to set up watchdogs within groups using specific criteria, similar to a search. Once set up, these radars can run hourly, daily or manually, depending on the business’s requirements. Notifications can be triggered for group owners and/or members when new applicants are found that meet the specific criteria, and they can be automatically added to the group.

The Applicant Radar feature is conveniently configured directly from the itris 9 CRM groups area, with a range of criteria that can be used to filter applicants. The available criteria include applicant status, career level, record summary, CV Boolean text, assigned keywords, custom fields, previous employment history, postcode radius and consent. In addition to the standard applicant radar criteria, itris 9 also offers a range of other features to help recruiters find the right candidates. For example, itris 9’s CV parsing feature extracts key information from CVs and populates the relevant fields in the CRM, making it easier to search and filter candidates. The AI matching feature uses advanced algorithms to match candidate profiles with job vacancies, increasing the chances of finding the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

With the Applicant Radar feature, recruitment consultants have the freedom to set up automated searches and grouping of new applicants at the click of a button, removing the need for manual searches and reducing the time spent on admin tasks.

Overall, the Applicant Radar feature in itris 9 recruiting software offers a fast and simple solution for recruitment businesses to source and select the right candidates for job roles. By automating the search and grouping of new applicants, it streamlines the recruitment process and saves valuable time for recruitment consultants and resourcers.

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