Applicant Creation

Applicants are a crucial part of any recruitment process, and maintaining complete and accurate records of applicant data can benefit recruiters in performing accurate searches for applicants with appropriate skills and qualifications, as well as building a rapport with them. The itris 9 recruitment CRM provides a comprehensive solution to help manage applicant data.

itris 9 allows users to create an applicant using a CV directly from their inbox, files, or desktop using the intuitive Drag & Drop software. This innovative feature streamlines the process of capturing applicant data and makes it easier for recruitment consultants to manage their workload. The recruitment CRM is also integrated with DaXtra parsing technology, which parses an applicant’s CV for personal information, employment history, and online keywords with specific rankings, making it easier for recruiters to identify potential candidates.

In the absence of a CV, itris 9 provides a unique LinkedIn Lookup plug-in that allows recruiters to compare applicants’ social profiles on creation and add key information from it, including images, summaries, qualifications, and more. With the inclusion of a duplicate record lookup feature, recruiters can ensure that data is kept tidy and up to date with the very latest information available.

Consent management is a key component of the recruitment process, and itris 9 offers a unique consent management area that allows opt-in and opt-out marketing preferences with expiry dates and notes. From SMS, email, postal, and CV marketing options available, itris 9 recruitment CRM is perfect for retained and contingency consultants and head-hunters of all sizes. The consent management area ensures that recruiters maintain compliance with relevant data protection regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

In summary, itris 9 recruitment CRM provides recruiters and recruitment agencies with a comprehensive solution for managing applicant data. From capturing CVs with Drag & Drop software and parsing them with DaXtra technology, to utilizing the LinkedIn Lookup plug-in and managing consent with the consent management area, itris 9 provides a complete solution for managing and organizing applicant data.

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