Access Groups

Are you tired of juggling multiple databases and logins? Say goodbye to the hassle and inefficiency of managing your recruitment data across different platforms. With our cutting-edge Access Groups feature, recruitment business owners can streamline their operations and supercharge their success.

Complete Data Control

Gain total control over who can access specific records within your recruitment CRM. Whether it’s individual records or entire groups of users, Access Groups put the power in your hands. No more worrying about data security – you call the shots.

Unleash Your Potential

Why do the top players in the recruitment industry rely on itris Access Groups? The benefits are endless. Manage and segregate data effortlessly, even across multiple company brands. Tackle various industry sectors under one roof, all within a single, unified CRM. Plus, store essential details of your internal staff securely while keeping them accessible to authorised consultants.

Flexible and Secure

Access Groups are incredibly versatile. They can be applied to all record types, from Applicants and Companies to Contacts, Jobs, and Placements. When an Access Group is assigned to a Company, it seamlessly extends to all the Contacts associated with that Company. And if a Company doesn’t have an Access Group, Contacts can have their own unique settings.

Effortless Inheritance

Let the magic of Access Groups work for you. Jobs and Placements effortlessly inherit their Access Group settings from the Main Contact, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience across your entire database.

Elevate your recruitment game, enhance data security, and simplify your operations with itris Access Groups. Join the ranks of successful recruiters who have harnessed the power of complete control and seamless data management. Upgrade your recruitment CRM today!

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