No-Nonsense Guide To...

Implementing Recruitment Software

The Best Recruitment Software and CRM | Implementation Guide

After reviewing and selecting the recruitment software you want your agency to adopt, the next step in the process is implementing it. This can be lengthy and complex so it is essential that you have procedures in place. This whitepaper will provide you with a complete guide to the process of implementing a new recruitment CRM and how to ensure everything runs smoothly.

No-Nonsense Guide To Implementing Recruitment Software

This recruitment industry whitepaper has been deigned to act as a guide to recruiters and staffing professionals when implementing or installing new recruitment software. Information contained in the whitepaper has been designed to assist readers, in a visually pleasing way, and focusses on solving the many problems recruitment agencies face in the implementation of a new recruitment CRM.

It is safe to say that implementing new software can be a very complex and time-consuming process. Most businesses will only experience this process every few years and for some, only once or twice in their entire existence. It can be overwhelming for all involved and is often underestimated by the majority of recruitment businesses.

Not all recruitment software suppliers are the same and all of them will have their own unique way of delivering their solution to you. Whether the software is cloud, server-based or a hybrid of the two, there are a few things you should take into consideration when implementing your new recruitment software, technology or CRM.

This no-nonsense guide to implementing your recruitment software industry whitepaper offers advice on; Selecting your team and key stakeholders, getting to know your supplier, project kick off, data migrations, software installation, software configuration, training, user acceptance, go-live, support and return on investment.

The Best Recruitment CRM and ATS Software by itris

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