recruiters Glassdoor
22 June 2018

Why Recruiters Should Be Using Glassdoor

There are so many different online channels recruiters should be using, it can be hard to keep up sometimes. However, one which shouldn’t be overlooked is Glassdoor. It benefits both you and your clients in so many ways and just needs a little time invested into it if it’s not already included in your recruitment strategy.

Recruitment blogs
07 March 2018

​Six Recruitment Blogs You Should Be Reading

If you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll know that we recently won the Recruitment Blog of the Year award from UK Recruiter. As a company who not only want to supply the best in recruitment software, we also pride ourselves on providing high-quality content to the industry which comes in the form of our popular whitepapers and now, award-winning blog!

How To Use Pinterest In Recruitment
15 December 2017

How To Use Pinterest In Recruitment

We all know how much social media plays a part in the world of recruitment but is it the same for all channels? LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are without a doubt the most popular forms of social media used in the recruitment process but what can other contenders like Pinterest offer?

Blog Post Ideas To Engage Your Candidates
08 December 2017

Five Blog Post Ideas To Engage Your Candidates

We have spoken on here before about the importance of having a blog and the benefits you can reap by having one. Increased engagement and more traffic and exposure are all examples of what a blog can do for your website and company so it’s vital that in this day and age, your company utilises one.

How You Can Use LinkedIn Effectively As A Recruiter
03 November 2017

Five Ways You Can Use LinkedIn Effectively As A Recruiter

LinkedIn is an essential tool for most recruiters but not everyone uses it to its full potential. It’s such a powerful way of networking, connecting with new people and managing your talent pipeline so it’s vital that you use it effectively.


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