How Will ePrivacy Affect Recruitment?
12 January 2018

How Will ePrivacy Affect Recruitment?

Everyone’s talking about the GDPR and how it will affect recruitment but have you heard of the new ePrivacy law? It will have a huge impact on B2B companies and as with any other regulation, you must ensure that your business complies with it.

How To Use Pinterest In Recruitment
15 December 2017

How To Use Pinterest In Recruitment

We all know how much social media plays a part in the world of recruitment but is it the same for all channels? LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are without a doubt the most popular forms of social media used in the recruitment process but what can other contenders like Pinterest offer?

Blog Post Ideas To Engage Your Candidates
08 December 2017

Five Blog Post Ideas To Engage Your Candidates

We have spoken on here before about the importance of having a blog and the benefits you can reap by having one. Increased engagement and more traffic and exposure are all examples of what a blog can do for your website and company so it’s vital that in this day and age, your company utilises one.

Data migration
16 November 2017

What Should You Consider When Migrating Data?

Data migrations are a key consideration for any CRM implementation and can often be the most time-consuming part of the project. It is inevitable that they have a huge impact on implementation due to costs and timescales, so it’s important to consider a variety of points before the process begins.

Recruitment hacks
10 November 2017

Six Recruitment Hacks You Should Try Out

No matter what industry you work in, people are always trying to find hacks to make their lives easier. In recruitment, as well as having a powerful CRM which is an essential tool for automating tasks and managing your workflow, there are other tools and tips to help you with your job.


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