Data migration
16 November 2017

What Should You Consider When Migrating Data?

Data migrations are a key consideration for any CRM implementation and can often be the most time-consuming part of the project. It is inevitable that they have a huge impact on implementation due to costs and timescales, so it’s important to consider a variety of points before the process begins.

FireText recruitment
08 September 2017

Why Should You Integrate With FireText?

The need for flexibility and mobile is ever-increasing and to cater for this, you can integrate your itris recruitment software with FireText, who provide two-way SMS to help you reach your candidates at any time from any location. We have worked closely with them for six years and they currently stand as one of our popular SMS providers.

Top Tips For Posting To Job Boards
01 September 2017

Top Tips For Posting To Job Boards

Job boards are without a doubt, an effective part of the recruitment process and can help build relationships between recruiters and candidates. When someone looks for a new job, it is likely that searching a job board will be one of the first things they do. Recruiters should use this to their advantage to increase the exposure of their jobs and help attract the right candidates.

Recruitment CRM Email Integration
18 August 2017

Why Should You Integrate Your Emails With Your Recruitment CRM?

It’s no secret that emails are the primary source of both internal and external communications in a business. We spend hours on them every day and without integrating your emails with your recruitment CRM, it could be even longer!

Recruitment Software Mistakes
09 June 2017

Seven Mistakes People Make When Selecting Recruitment Software

Selecting recruitment software is a process most recruitment agencies have to do at some point. This isn’t something to be rushed as it can increase the likeliness of making mistakes which will have a huge impact on your business.


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