Volunteering at Pepenbury
30 July 2018

Volunteering at Pepenbury

As a part of our newly implemented CSR strategy, we have vowed to do more to help local charities. This initially started with a quiz night where we raised £1000 for Hospice in the Weald, now, we are turning our attention to another charity we’re incredibly passionate about, Pepenbury.

Calling candidates
25 July 2018

Seven Things To Remember When You Call Your Candidates

The number of people picking up the phone these days is rapidly declining despite it being the most effective way of communicating with candidates. You can get an answer out of someone instantly instead of waiting for them to reply to an email, build up rapport and you don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi!

Google for jobs affect recruitment
19 July 2018

How Will Google For Jobs Affect Recruitment?

It looks like Google are dipping their toe in the world of recruitment once again with their job search engine, Google for Jobs which launched in the UK last week. It’s already caused quite a stir and we’re all asking the question, “how will Google for Jobs affect recruitment?”

Hospice in the weald quiz
17 July 2018

Raising £1000 for Hospice in the Weald

We have spoken about corporate social responsibility before on our blog, its importance and the benefits of having a CSR strategy so it’s only right for us to tell you what we’ve been up to recently.


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