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24 February 2017

Work Made Easy

For the past three years, the budgie has been the essence of our brand and a huge part of itris. It’s been shortlisted for a Creativepool award, taken part in our Keepy Uppy game, dressed up as all sorts but more importantly, made us stand out in the crowded recruitment software market.

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Recruitment Software
17 February 2017

Questions To Ask Before You Buy Recruitment Software

Buying recruitment software is by no means a process to rush. There’s a number of steps you need to complete and this can start with reviewing your current software if you already have a system in place.

How Are CRMs Like Relationships?
10 February 2017

How Are CRMs Like Relationships?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m sure everyone’s thoughts will be turning to that special someone. Or perhaps you’ll come to the realisation that they’re still out there and you just need to find them! These fuzzy feelings have hit us hard in the office and got us thinking about the similarities between recruitment software and relationships and yes, there are a few!


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