24 April 2014

The new Itris look

There are many key aspects a business needs to take into consideration if they want to progress in their market. These elements include product/service quality, customer service and of course the brand they all amalgamate into.

Branding is such an important aspect of any business. It is what people think of when they hear or see your company name. These thoughts can be either factual or emotional – What does the company do? What do they stand for? How do they make me feel?

We have spent the last few months revitalizing the itris brand, updating it to a modern, professional and authentic look which we feel links to what we are trying to achieve going forward with itris as a product and service.

Our Logo

The brown and beige logo with the jigsaw piece has been updated with a fresh new icon with a friendly colour palette from which our new branding has been based upon.

Our Website

As you can see we have redeveloped our website from scratch with the main emphasis on keeping it flat but also having easy accessibility to key information and online services.

  • For our clients instant support is only two clicks away via the top tab.

  • All the information about our features and services is readily available and easy to navigate.

These branding changes have also been implemented into our latest release of itris and will largely dictate the look and feel of the next generation of itris which is pencilled in for release for early 2015.

Role on 2015.

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