Are your recruiters feeling unmotivated? Unloved or unappreciated? They are probably not alone. The market is the toughest it has ever been, so now is the time to drive motivation within your business and be a true leader.

Motivation isn’t merely a sprinkle of inspirational quotes on the office walls, or ringing a bell below said quote every time a placement is made. It’s the lifeblood of our beloved industry and helps drive growth and therefore profits within your business. Recruiters serve as the custodians of your company’s future so it’s imperative to motivate them, particularly in a recession.

If your recruiters are motivated and enjoying their role, then this will ensure your clients and candidates are also enjoying their experience and interactions with them. In this recruitment blog, we are going to explore innovative methods to ignite and motivate recruiters in a recession. Even those that are sat at home, miles away from your office and vibrant culture.

Stay In Touch

Communicating with your staff is key. Senior leaders need to be visible and communicating with staff constantly. Even if you are on a golf course on a Friday morning, whilst everyone else slaves away prospecting. A simple sentence in your company wide messaging app of choice before you head to your first tee will go a hell of a long way and literally takes seconds. Let them know how grateful you are for their dedication to your brand, or that you may not be online but are thinking of them.

So whether you are using Slack, Teams or even our Community Hub, get typing, or better still be physically present where you can.

Celebrate Success Publicly

Shine a spotlight on your recruiters’ exceptional efforts both internally and externally. Publicly acknowledging a recruiter’s hard work not only boosts their morale but also reinforces their sense of value within the business. Be specific in your praise, highlighting how their contributions have positively influenced the company, so others can see what they need aim towards to get that same level of recognition.

Why not also introduce some form of gamification platform that alerts the businesses when placements are made, or targets have been hit. There is nothing like having your name in lights, with your favourite motivational song blasting out across the office when you have hit a target. Our clients use tools like our Powerboards in the office, and remotely to help drive motivation with data gamification.

Offer Meaningful Rewards

Beyond traditional incentives like cash bonuses, explore unconventional rewards that resonate with your team. Consider granting privileges or organising team-building activities that involves others. This not only motivates the individual, but the whole team and shows that an individual’s success can benefit others. You could give them a budget and allow them to decide what to do as a reward. Remember, what you think might be fun, won’t always motivate or inspire others.

Think of it like The Apprentice  but instead of sending them on a dance class, giving them a budget and timescale. Allowing recruiters to choose their rewards empowers them and enhances their motivation to achieve their goals.

Personalise Your Management

Recognise that each recruiter is unique. Take the time to understand how they prefer to be managed and understand what motivates them outside of work, so you can draw inspiration from this to motivate them inside of work. For example, if someone loves running and has signed up for a marathon, why not tailor their KPIs or training around running. 5 calls = 5km, 2 interviews = 20km, 1 placement = 100km, with a target of 500km per month. Record their PBs so they know what they are capable of. Imagine Strava, but for recruiters.

Constantly ask them for feedback on your management style. What they like and dislike, their preferences, preferred communication styles, and potential energy drains. Tailoring your management approach to individual preferences demonstrates a genuine commitment to their well-being and fosters a sense of empowerment.

Align Personal and Professional Aspirations

Invest in understanding your recruiters’ personal and professional aspirations. By aligning their goals with the company’s objectives, you create a mutually beneficial relationship built on shared purpose. Act as a supportive ally, helping them bridge the gap between their personal ambitions and professional endeavours.

Most senior leaders have been there, done it, and got the T-Shirt, so offer your advice and coach them towards achieving their personal and professional goals. There is nothing more motivating than advancement in one’s career and personal journey, so give them clear direction, and show them the way.

Cultivate Trust

Trust forms the cornerstone of any successful team or recruitment business. Foster an environment of transparency and openness, where recruiters feel comfortable expressing their concerns and ideas. Building trust nurtures loyalty and commitment, driving motivation from a foundation of mutual respect. This will filter down through your staff, and out into the world of your clients and candidates giving you both a trusted brand and working culture.

Help Them Enjoy Their Job

Recruiters who believe that their work is important to the business, and that their tasks are meaningful, are more likely to be motivated. So help them see that! They may be a small cog in a big wheel, but be sure they understand how important their role is to the overall success of the business. If they are not enjoying their role, maybe find out why to see if you can help mould it to suit them. What do they enjoy doing most? What don’t they enjoy doing? How can you make that job more exciting or rewarding for them?

Giving them more responsibility or more specific tasks to complete (maybe linked with an incentive) can also help motivate them.

The Package

People often assume that offering a good basic salary with a nice work environment is enough to drive motivation. It isn’t.

However, as an overall package, mixing hygiene factors (basic salary, security, benefits) with motivational factors (achievement, variety, responsibility) can make all the difference, particularly when taking on new staff.

Why not check out our podcast episode on The Art of Attracting & Retaining Top Talent.

By implementing these strategies, you can inspire and energise your recruiters, driving success even in the most challenging of times.