Do you employ multiple members of staff to track your recruitment activity?

Are you using different pieces of software to give you the analytics your business needs to make informed decisions?

Do you spend money regularly on hardware to host your own CRM?

Is your recruitment software old, slow, disengaging, and offering you zero automation?

Well maybe it’s time to look at alternative recruitment software. Although likely more expensive than your current CRM, modern recruitment technology can save you money in several key areas. It can help speed up your current processes, accelerate business growth, keep you compliant, and ultimately add to the bottom line.

Here are 8 ways itris recruitment software can reduce your business costs, fast track your process and help your recruiters work smarter, not harder.

Cloud technology and access

Cloud computing has been a hot topic of discussion, ever since Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) coined the phrase back in 2006. Many companies have moved to the cloud over the last decade, at least in part, if not in full. Office 365 is the go-to for most organisations, as well as a cloud CRM solution, back-office facility, and data storage to name but a few.

All these things can be expensive, so how can moving to the cloud reduce your business costs? Well, that’s simple. If you are going full cloud, you will save spending money on IT staff, hardware (servers, hard drives), software (such as SQL, antivirus, and ransomware), remote access technology (such as Citrix, Oracle, or VMWare), industry accreditations, and more. Not only can a cloud CRM save you time, but it can also help your business remain compliant, safe, and secure.

itris 9 is a hybrid cloud solution, which means it can help save you money, even if you want to host your own data. It allows unique access to data, with its unique launcher, from anywhere in the world, without the use of third-party software, i.e. Citrix!

If you are still unclear and want to learn more about the cloud, and its benefits, why not check out Episode 4 of The Corner, What is Cloud?

Detailed reporting tools

Reporting is key within the recruitment sector, from internal KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), and profit forecasting, to advertising spend, and referral fees. Many recruitment businesses use detailed reports, to make informed business decisions. It helps them to gauge trends, when to hire, when to spend, and ultimately understand how profitable their staffing business is.

We see many recruitment businesses employing staff to run complex Excel queries, collate information from different sources, and produce reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

itris 9 gives its clients a plethora of reporting functionality out of the box. Users of our software have access to their own specific Dashboard, which gives them an overview of their (or their teams) key metrics. From placements, rebates, CV submissions, and more, this allows them to track their progress and make informed decisions from one screen. This can save them (and your business) time trying to dissect complex sets of data, work smarter and offer better customer service to your clients.

Individual record statistics can also give the user a great insight into previous activity with the record. Saving the need to dive through lots of comments or activity, Applicant Statistics and Contact Statistics gives the user both statistics and feedback they need, at a glance.

From a higher level, itris 9 also offers reports at a granular level across your organisation. From detailed financial reports to outstanding references, user activity, and valuable placement statistics. This can not only save your business time and therefore cost, but also decrease spend with other third party reporting tools that you may use.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement continues to be a hot topic at present, particularly post pandemic, and in a world of increased remote working. Many businesses invest a vast amount of time and money in engaging staff with their company and culture. We all know the benefits employee engagement can have both internally and externally, however did you know that recruitment software can help you with this?

In the lockdown of 2020, itris 9 launched its Community Hub which allowed its users to stay connected within the software. Whilst many businesses also used Microsoft Teams, Slack, or other third party software, itris 9 allowed users to interact with each other and share specific CRM records, allowing them to work more collaboratively. Clients reported a huge increase in traffic, with many taking to the platform to share their weekend activities, fundraising events, and more. Senior staff used the Community Hub to share incentives, industry news and achievements, many of which were usually communicated via staff wide emails. This allowed them to be more targeted and personable in their approach, whilst allowing users to like and interact rather than the dreaded “reply all”.

Fast forward a year and the itris Powerboards were born. This allowed our recruiters to become even more engaged, both in and out of the office. Whilst data gamification wasn’t new to the recruitment and staffing industry, a CRM specific one was. Powerboards gave our customers the power (sorry) to further engage their staff by creating live incentives and leader boards direct from the activity happening in the CRM. This not only increased the use of their CRM, but enforced process, engaged staff and saved them costs with third party gamification platforms.

AI and Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and without doubt will have a huge impact in the way we work in the not-too-distant future. So how can AI and automation help your recruitment business make more money?

Well as you can probably tell by now, this blog post is focussed on technology and specific features in itris 9. So here are just a few examples of how itris has helped our clients and users reduce their business costs using automation. We offer our users smart information, produced by algorithms that predict what the best options are for the user. From detailed intelligent CV parsing (using Daxtra), recommended applicants that looks at recently available, and most valuable, through to trending and lapsed companies. This again can speed up the recruitment process and help users make informed, calculated decisions using artificial intelligence.

Auto matching features including radar, takes the work out of matching applicants to relevant jobs and alerts the user as soon as someone registers with the skills they require. The Job Activity Kanban board is another way our users save bundles of time, by simply dragging and dropping applicants into specific steps within the recruitment lifecycle. This can automate a number of things including emails, alerts, and updates all associated records.

Business Development

Most recruitment businesses are constantly focussing on business development. Whether they have the tools in place or not, cold calling, email marketing and communication is key when winning new business.

So how can itris 9 help with business development? Where to start! I suppose first and foremost, we offer both email and letter templates which can help your business brand, language and image stay on point. From mailshots within the system, to cover letters, terms of business and more, itris really does have you covered. Offering the most complex set of data merge fields in the industry, you can get specific, tailored, and personalised information to your clients and applicants, at the click of a button. If you prefer to communicate via SMS, not a problem, check out our built in SMS feature in association with our partner Firetext.

Our CV marketing hub not only allows you to send marketed CVs via email, but also checks for any restrictions, previous involvement, and consent information automatically. This will ensure that your users are not only effective but remain compliant and within the dreaded GDPR guidelines. The ability to set this action up as a marketing activity can also help businesses track its ROI (Return on Investment), response and success rate.

Organisation charts allows both BDR’s (Business Development Representatives) and Account Managers build a detailed picture of individuals and departments within your clients and prospects. This can add real value when canvasing a client, opening doors, and understanding client’s needs.

Financial tracking and forecasting

As mentioned in point 2, the task of tracking company finances can be a costly one. Many businesses spend lots of money on back-office software, middleware, and staff to run their companies payroll and invoicing. Often these areas are neglected when it comes to front end software and are run very separately. This can be down to the lack of desire to change, or options to evolve.

Our software can really add value to your front to back office processes, allow streamlining of data, reduce time of manually entering and therefore lower your business costs.

Our state-of-the-art Timesheet and Expenses hub not only gives itris users the ability to input worked hours, but also calculates their pay and the business charge against multiple rates, automatically. Expenses can be marked with who is liable to pay them, meaning you get a true reflection of your companies bottom line. Gone are the days of multiple data entry, itris 9 allows you to export the data in your own specified format. So whether you run payroll in-house, use umbrella companies, or outsource your payroll completely, itris 9 can do it all.

When it comes to permanent recruitment, we offer the ability to track rebate periods, and issue refunds to customers easily, where required. This may sound like it is going to cost you money, however the opposite is true. The ability to see who is in their rebate period and nurture them whilst they are vulnerable is gold when it comes to recruitment. Not only can it help you forecast, but it can also ensure you don’t miss contact that may otherwise result in them leaving their position.


If you want to avoid unnecessary business costs, then remaining compliant within your vertical is vital. No one wants a phone call requesting a document from an applicant you have placed, only to find that it isn’t there or is out of date.

When it comes to compliance, our systems reputation precedes itself. Trusted by some of the UK’s leading education and healthcare recruitment agencies, itris offers the best recruitment compliance tools, and communication logs. Custom fields allows recruitment businesses to create their industry standard data sets, hold key values (such as expiry dates) and set these against company, and job role specific compliance restrictions. You can not only have peace of mind that your business operation is compliant, but perhaps loose spreadsheets, third party software or any other overheads your compliance team may have.


Learning is often a topic that is overlooked, especially when is comes to budgets and spend. Many recruitment companies feel that spending money on training staff on their system isn’t a priority, and often doesn’t offer value for money.

So, what have we at itris done to help your business reduce your business cost when it comes to training? Well to put it simply, we have done the investment for you, both in our CIPD qualified staff, and the resources available to our itris 9 users. We give all of our customers a free training session as standard when the system is being implemented. This not only increases the user buy in, but helps them get a good understanding of the systems features and how they can use it.

We have also built the itris 9 knowledgebase. Many CRMs have a knowledgebase, however ours really is leagues above. It offers the most up to date information in various formats, which is great for different learning styles. So, whether you prefer a light read, a detailed article, or a state-of-the-art training video, the itris 9 knowledgebase has it all. We detail the most frequently asked questions, top user tips, and break everything down into easy to digest series and categories for easy navigation.

Well those are just 8 of the ways itris recruitment software can reduce your business costs. If you want to discover the system in more detail, why not book a no obligation demonstration, tailored to your business need, below, today.

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