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27 October 2017

Four Articles Recruiters Should Read In November

If you follow itris on Twitter or LinkedIn you will know that we regularly share our favourite recruitment articles whether they’re about social media, the latest news or dealing with difficult candidates. There are hundreds of recruitment blogs and magazines out there so it can be a struggle to narrow them down so we’ve done it for you! Here are our four favourite articles from this month!

Ways You Can Engage Your Employees
23 October 2017

Six Ways You Can Engage Your Employees

Something which we constantly try to improve at itris is our employee engagement as two thirds of employees in the UK say they are not actively engaged at work. This is something we have focused on this last year, as employee engagement can affect staff turnover, absence, customer advocacy and your productivity in the business. You can use the following ideas to tackle the problem of disengaged staff.

Job ads Twitter
13 October 2017

Why Should You Post More Than Just Job Ads On Twitter?

I spend a considerable amount of my time each day scrolling through Twitter, interacting with different hashtags, engaging with content, and following new accounts. When doing this, one thing I see a lot of is accounts who only post job ads, nothing else. Why waste such a beneficial and influential platform on just posting the same thing?


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