10 February 2017

How Are CRMs Like Relationships?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m sure everyone’s thoughts will be turning to that special someone. Or perhaps you’ll come to the realisation that they’re still out there and you just need to find them! These fuzzy feelings have hit us hard in the office and got us thinking about the similarities between recruitment software and relationships and yes, there are a few!

If you’re not happy, don’t grin and bear it, there are other options out there!

If your current software is not fulfilling your needs, don’t feel trapped! There are other options, the only hard part is working out which solution is right for you. Just make sure you review the market, ask the right questions and find your perfect match. Don’t rush into things! If you need a hand, our whitepaper will take you through the steps of reviewing your current CRM. In relationship terms, if your needs are not being fulfilled then maybe it’s time to start reviewing the market in a slightly different context. Hit up the app store and get swiping!

They should always be there for you when you need them most.

When you need to make that vital last placement of the month to hit target, you need your CRM to be up to the task! Similarly, in a relationship, both you and your partner need to be there for each other through thick and thin.

Your partner should be open to change to make your relationship even better.

Both your software and partner should be flexible. If you need something specific to help your business grow, bespoke development is an option. From a romantic point of view, if you’re having relationship troubles then sometimes you need to change something, like finally drawing that line in the middle of the bed! Our latest whitepaper will highlight the key areas you need to focus on to get the most out of your software.

Don’t overlook personality, looks aren’t everything!

We can all be guilty of overlooking personality in favour of looks. Is that stunning person going to treat you well though? Will they be there for you? Meet your needs? Maybe not… When it comes to recruitment software, you’ll be spoilt for choice but don’t be fooled by something flashy. Find out what it actually does and what functionality is there, appreciate their substance, not just style.

You can look but not touch.

When you’re in the club and doing your 50th dab of the night, your eyes may be drawn elsewhere but it’s not the end of the world. Likewise, having a demo with another software supplier is not cheating. Look at it from an educational point of view but remember point four!

You can take these similarities with a pinch of salt but I’m sure you will be able to see where I’m coming from. Recruitment software and relationships really do have a lot more in common than you would think…

Written by: Jordan Vernan, Business Development Executive

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